juancarlos casas

concert behind the tree

it's not what it seems




on the right track

have tools will travel

only email left..

work schedules

am i in the right place

the line game


simple winter fence

scooter walk

anywhere i go there i am

yeap, it's here somewhere


as it happens

miami palms

have it told you lately

miami beach beauty


i found this interesting moment to show to very different and similar styles of flight

untitled colors

natural occurrence in time/space

told you Im busy

inside or out

setting up the day

nature's resting place


enduring the elements of winter

nature's skyart

i'd say so myself

doing windows

horse parking

stay here while i go inside


new advertising area

light up the streets

it's good to be me

religious-like following


looking at you

many deliveries

retired and happy

lick it good

i said stay

highline beauty

pond life

the park in nov.

the park in autum

red oaks

show me not

where did it go

easy does it

behind your back

future work force

lunch break is over

i've got you on my back

getting it done

art's relativity

adult conversations

good morning

looking down


i like words

let's meet up

moma time

point zero im big

from point zero it begins